Best VR Sex Toys

Best VR Sex Toys - Interactive Virtual Reality Sex Toys For Men - Male VR Porn Sex Toys

I have been a huge fan of virtual reality porn ever since I first tried it many years ago. Since then I have always enjoyed trying the best VR sex toys as they hit the market. After all who would not want to make the virtual reality porn experience even more immersive?

Best VR Sex Toys

When it comes to the best VR sex toys there is no hard and fast rule as to what a VR sex toy actually is. In my opinion the best VR sex toys are high tech and interactive. They sync with the action you are experiencing in you virtual world. However, there are plenty of lower tech manual sex toys for men that enhance your virtual reality porn experience. Below are the best VR sex toys that I have been lucky enough to try.

1 – Kiiroo Keon – Best VR Sex Toy Overall

Best VR Sex Toys - Interactive Male VR Sex Toys for Men - Kiiroo Keon

If you are here simply looking to buy the best VR sex toy for men you need to look no further than the truly awesome Kiiroo Keon. This is a fully automated interactive male masturbator that is very much the future of VR porn. In fact it is more than fair to say that with the ability to stroke your penis up to 230 times per minute the Kiiroo Keon is a whole new world of interactive male sex toys.

The Kiiroo Keon uses what the company calls “RealFeel” strokers which are very much like a Fleshlight stroker. These are interchangeable allowing you to select the perfect stroker for to meet your personal preferences. In total there are five different vagina styles for you to choose from.

While the Kiiroo Keon can be used as a simple automatic male masturbator it is its ability to sync with VR porn that makes it so awesome. You really have to try the Keon with your favorite VR porn movie for yourself to truly appreciate how great it is. It perfectly replicates what is happening in the VR porn experience.

What you will truly love about the Keon is how it does not simply stroke the penis in time with the action. It perfectly replicates each and every last sensation in realtime. You will not believe how much more immersive virtual reality porn becomes when combined with this piece of high tech VR porn equipment.

2 – Kiiroo Onyx+

Best VR Sex Toys - Interactive Male VR Sex Toys for Men - Kiiroo Onyx+

Our second choice of best VR sex toys is another interactive sex toy from Kiiroo. The Kiiroo Onyx+ is an interactive male sex toy that uses a totally different technology to generate stimulation.

The first thing you notice about the Onyx+ is that it uses the famous Superskin material which is used in Fleshlight products. This makes it feel highly realistic and easily mistakable for the real thing.

Rather using a stroking motion to generate stimulation the Kiiroo Onyx+ uses rings. When the penis is inserted into this toy you are basically wearing these rings from the base of the penis to its tip. To simulate the sensation of sliding in and out of a vagina these rings tighten and loosen. This may well sound like a strange method of generating stimulation but it is surprisingly effective.

These rings do more than simply generate a highly realistic sexual experience. They also gather data which can then be sent to other FeelTechnology-enabled compatible device. This allows you to have a realtime sexual encounter with your partner regardless of where they are in the world. Such compatible devices for women include the Kiiroo Cliona, the Pearl2, and the Kiiroo Fuse.

Of course, as you would expect, the Kiiroo Onyx+ is capable of syncing with your favorite virtual reality porn experiences. This allows you to feel the action you are watching bringing you closer to your favortie adult stars than you ever dreamt possible.

3 – Kiiroo Titan

Best VR Sex Toys - Interactive Male VR Sex Toys for Men - Kiiroo Titan

The Kiiroo Titan is our first choice of best VR sex toys that works a little bit different. It is quite interesting the way the Kiiroo Titan works. Rather than using rings or a pumping motion it uses 9 vibrating motors which massage the penis at different points. Since there is no automated stroking motion or stroking simulation it is down to you to do this manually.

It could be said that because the Kiiroo Titan requires you to manually use it to stroke your penis it is very much like a Fleshlight. However it is worth pointing out that a Fleshlight does not include the vibrating motors which really enhance the level of stimulation.

The vibrating motors can be synced with your favorite virtual reality porn movies. They can also be synced with other FeelTechnology-enabled compatible devices. This makes the Kiiroo Titan not only one of the best VR sex toys but a great interactive sex toy for people in a long distance relationship.

4 – RealDoll Sex Doll

Best VR Sex Toys - Interactive Male VR Sex Toys for Men - RealDoll Sex Doll

A great sex toy that is never really thought of as a virtual reality sex toy is a sex doll. So, if you are going to buy a sex doll for use with VR porn you may as well buy the very best. The very best sex dolls being those designed and manufactured by RealDoll. RealDoll are the most realistic sex dolls in the world so they are perfect for use with or without VR porn.

I would imagine you are wondering how a RealDoll sex doll and a virtual reality porn movie would work. Well, it really is quite simple. As you would expect it is possible to have all forms of sex with a sex doll. Simply strap on your virtual realty headset and start your favorite VR porn experience. Have your RealDoll sex doll in the desired position and get busy. A sex doll works well in scenes where you are the one who is doing all the work. However if the scene involves the woman on top of you things get a little tricky. However you could always have your sex doll on top of you and combine her use with the likes of the Kiiroo Keon.

What really makes a RealDoll worthy of a place among the best VR sex toys is that they can be used away from VR porn. In fact the company has developed a series of artificially intelligent robot sex dolls. They make up the RealDoll X range. If the company keeps improving their technology like this VR porn may not be needed in the future. The likes of the Harmony x and Solana X may advance to the point of being fully functional sex robots indistinguishable from the real thing.

5 – Fleshlight

Best VR Sex Toys - Interactive Male VR Sex Toys for Men - Fleshlight

It really would be a sin if we did not mention the worlds most popular male sex toy, the Fleshlight.

If you are looking for a quick and easy way of making your virtual reality porn experience more immersive this is it.

As you will likely already be aware the Fleshlight is a manual male stroker. It is made from a highly realistic material that looks and feels just like a real human butt or vagina. This makes it a superb first step when it comes to taking your VR porn to the next level. After all using something that feels like the real thing rather than your hand really helps you get lost in the scene.

What really is fantastic about these male masturbators is that some of the hottest stars in the industry have their own signature Fleshlight. This range of products is the Fleshlight Girls range. Each product in this range is made from a mould of your favorite adult star. This means they are a perfect replica of the real girl. Imagine how much fun you will have enjoying your favorite porn star in VR while using a perfect replica of her own vagina.

The virtual world does not get much hotter than this.

Another great thing about Fleshlight is they are designed to look like a normal Fleshlight when not in use. Great if you are wanting to be discreet about your male sex toys.

6 – Fleshlight Launch Quickshot

Best VR Sex Toys - Interactive Male VR Sex Toys for Men - Quickshot Launch

For those of you who do not know about the Fleshlight Quickshot let me explain. Basically the Fleshlight Quickshot is a smaller, more compact, version of the hugely successful and popular full sized Fleshlight.

There are various version of the Quickshot on sale. Since this is somewhat smaller than the original Fleshlight it offers the opportunity to insert the penis from both ends. This has allowed Fleshlight to design each end to look like a different orifice.

The Fleshlight Launch Quickshot is an interactive sex toy for men that holds the Quickshot masturbator and automates the stroking.

What lets the Launch down is that t currently does not sync with virtual reality content. With that said it is worth pointing out you can still play a VR porn movie and set it away stroking. You can simply sit back and relax and let the Quickshot Launch do the hard work. That alone, in my opinion, makes the Launch worthy of a mention among the best VR sex toys.

Put it this way. the Quickshot Launch from Fleshlight can stroke your cock up to 250 times a minute. That is seriously fast. It can even be controlled to stroke specific parts of the penis. That really is seriously impressive.

All I can suggest is for you to stick on your favorite VR porn movie, heck just your favortie porn movie, and let the Fleshlight Quickshot Launch do the hard work. Your tired wrist will thank you.

7 – Lovense Max 2

Best VR Sex Toys - Interactive Male VR Sex Toys for Men - Lovense Max 2

The Lovense Max 2 is relatively new male sex toy to the market. This is an automatic male masturbator. It is controlled using an app which is installed on your smartphone. The app then uses Bluetooth or WiFi to control the Lovense Max 2.

What is unique about the Lovense Max 2 is that it can be synced with music as well as other sex toys. It can even follow a program of infinite vibration and contraction patterns programmed by yourself or other Lovense users.

The downside of the Lovenese Max 2 as one of the best VR sex toys is that it cannot be synced with the action you are watching.

However, with that said it is most certainly better than watching virtual reality porn and simply using your hand.

What really makes the Lovense Max 2 appealing is its price. It is one of the cheapest quality automatic interactive male masturbators available. This obviously makes it the perfect choice for people on a budget or people wanting to take the next step in their interactive VR porn experiences.

Best VR Porn Websites For Interactive Sex Toys

As virtual reality technology becomes more common more and more VR porn websites are appearing. Even some well known adult studios are starting to produce interactive VR porn. Here are some of the very best VR porn websites that can are ideal to use with your interactive male sex toys.

VR Bangers

One of the worlds most popular virtual reality porn sites is VR Bangers. This is a site which has a huge collection of VR porn content spanning pretty much every category you could imagine. Such categories include blowjobs, orgies, cosplay, threesomes, and many more. If you cannot find VR porn content on VR Bangers that you like you will probably struggle to find it anywhere.

VR Bangers also produce a range of VR sex games such as VirtualMate and a selection of augmented reality porn.

Check out VR Bangers here.

Naughty America VR

If you ask your average person on the street to name an adult film studio they will likely say Naughty America. After all Naughty America is one of the worlds most popular and best know adult studios.

They were one of the first studios to try their hand at producing virtual reality content. As a result they are behind some of the hottest VR porn experiences ever produced. Having produced content with most the hottest stars in the industry and producing at least two scenes a week this studio is just as hot as ever.

Check out Naughty America VR here.


WankzVR is yet another hugely popular virtual reality porn studio. In fact this VR porn website is so popular it even won the VR porn website of the year award from the XBIZ Awards two years running.

At the time of writing they have more than 400 scenes in their library with more arriving weekly. They also run the MILFVR website which specializes in only the hottest mature adult stars.

Check out WankzVR here.


BaDoinkVR has also won many of the industries top awards. They have at least 400 high quality virtual reality scenes available which cover pretty much every genre you could imagine. Their library is constantly being updated with at least two brand new and exclusive scenes each and every week.

Check out BaDoinkVR here.

See more VR sex toy stuff here.

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