If you would love to spend your evening fucking a smoking hot brunette you really do not want to miss this experience titled, BFF is DTF. Once again this is a highly immersive virtual reality porn fantasy that has been created by Wankz VR. BFF is DTF stars the stunningly sexy brunette VR porn star, Judy Jolie.

BFF is DTF - Judy Jolie VR Porn - Judy Jolie Virtual Reality Porn


In this virtual reality porn fantasy from Wankz VR you are about to be blown away in more ways than one. Your girlfriend has dumped you and you are feeling just as sad as can be. Judy Jolie is your ex-girlfriend’s BFF and she wants to be there for you and help you through. She wants to be a shoulder to cry on. Of course since you are now single she has some pretty hardcore ideas on how to help you feel better. And since this is a virtual reality porn fantasy you had best be ready.

All you need to do is grab your virtual reality headset or smartphone (you can view VR porn on a smartphone when its combined with cheap VR adapter such as a Google Cardboard costing as little as $10) and get ready for some hardcore rebound sex.


Starring :- Judy Jolie