Coma Sutra

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There are super hot porn scenes you there with super hot adult film actresses then there is Coma Sutra. This is a stunning virtual reality porn movie which has been produced by VR Bangers. Coma Sutra stars sexy ebony  VR porn star, Kira Noir.

Coma Sutra - Kira Noir VR Porn - Kira Noir Virtual Reality Porn


This virtual reality scene sees you having followed a life long dream for many guys. That dream was to become a racing driver. The unfortunate thing in this VR porn fantasy is that things did not go to plan and you found yourself crashing your car which has injured you and landed you in a coma hospital. All the top doctors have made every effort to wake you up but none have been successful.

The good news is there is one doctor left, Kira Noir, and she will stop at nothing to make you wake up. Her methods are a little unconventional but they apparently have great success. What is her methods? Well, Kira Noir will pull out your cock then give you a VR blowjob. Then she will climb on top of you and slide her pussy down on your cock and ride you until you wake up. If that does not wake you up then nothing will.


Starring :- Kira Noir

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