Couples Retreat (Hers)

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If you have ever worried about your wife, girlfriend, or partner catching you watching virtual reality porn you need to worry no more. VR Bangers have produced a feature named Couples Retreat (Hers) which works in conjunction with a different view point of the same VR porn fantasy. Couples Retreat (Hers) is the version for you female partner to enjoy. You can find the version for him here. Both variants of this scene star sexy VR porn star, Julie Kay.

Couples Retreat (Hers) - Julie Kay VR Porn - Julie Kay Virtual Reality Porn


This virtual realty porn movie from VR Bangers could very well make Valentine’s Day great again. While VR Bangers usually produces VR porn scenes for men they have went above and beyond with this scene. There is a version for him to watch which gives a POV from the male side. Then there is POV version which gives the view from her side. Both versions are identical other than the viewpoint.

All you need to do is get your partner on board then grab your virtual reality headset or smartphone combined with a cheap headset adapter. Then you can sit yourselves down and enjoy this highly immersive and very intermit couples VR porn fantasy.


Starring :- Julie Kay

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