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VR Hush presents From Cross-Examination, an immersive virtual reality porn experience. Cross-Examination is your sexual fantasy come true and your chance to fuck sexy VR porn star Haley Spades.

Cross-Examination - Hayley Spades VR Porn - Hayley Spades Virtual Reality Porn


VR Porn cutie Haley Spades eagerly returns to her hometown after years away at college, excited to reconnect with old friends and attend her 10-year class reunion. As she steps foot in the place she once called home, memories flood her mind, including those of her former high school crush, who is now a successful lawyer. Despite you being happily married, there is an undeniable and electric chemistry between you that lingers. As Haley Spades’ past and present intertwines, her desire for your cock inside her outweighs her care for your relationship status.

As you engage in playful and flirtatious conversation, indulging in nostalgic memories, you both decide to part ways temporarily but plan to rendezvous at your place. The opportunity arises as your wife happens to be away for the entire weekend, allowing you to explore the undeniable chemistry between you two. Once there, Haley Spades can barely contain her lust for you. After talking on the couch, Haley Spades puts her hand on your cock and begins stroking it over your pants.

Immediately turned on, you tell her to undress and proceed to take your pants off. Once naked, Haley Spades begins rubbing her perky VR tits while talking dirty to you about all the things she has been wanting you to do to her. You pull her close and after rubbing her VR pussy you have her hop on your cock. As you fuck her from the back Haley Spades moans and urges you to bust your load in her. It is something she has been dreaming about since high school.

All that is left for you to do is go and grab your virtual reality headset and immerse yourself in this specially created virtual world and enjoy this chance of a lifetime where you are about to fuck Haley Spades.

(are you aware that it is actually ridiculously easy and cheap getting started with VR porn. All you need is a smartphone combined with a cheap VR headset adapter such as a Google Cardboard costing as little as $10.)


Starring :- Haley Spades

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