CUMpound Exercises

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What if there was something about going to the gym that made is insanely enjoyable and what if you could have sex with one of the hottest brunette VR porn stars around. Well, V Bangers have clearly thought these same things and went out to produce CUMpound Exercises which is a virtual reality porn experience. CUMpound Exercises is your chance to be face to face with super hot brunette VR porn star, Zoey Foxx.

CUMpound Exercises - Zoey Foxx VR Porn - Zoey Foxx Virtual Reality Porn


It certainly seems that these days getting yourself in shape and attending a gym are both hugely fashionable. Guys want to develop bigger muscles to impress the girls and girls want to tone up to impress the guys.

This virtual reality porn experience puts you in a gym already to workout when gym regular, Zoey Foxx, approaches you asking if you would like to go into a private room for a one-on-one coaching session. Seems like a good idea because this girl is super hot. What you do not realise at this point is she has had her eye on you for quite sometime. As you would expect she makes no secret of this once you are alone with her as she tells you how wet her pussy is becoming. It looks like a VR blowjob and some wild passionate sex is about to happen for you with this super hot babe.


Starring :- Zoey Foxx

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