Dust That Ass

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So you love nothing more than watching a super hot girl get herself off. Well, in that case you are going to love this feature named,  Dust That Ass. This is a solo masturbation virtual reality porn experience which has been produced by VR Bangers. Dust That Ass stars super hot VR porn star, Paola Mike.

Dust That Ass - Paola Mike VR Porn - Paola Mike Virtual Reality Porn


This super hot solo masturbation VR scene sees you living the high life. You own a huge mansion which is nothing short of perfect for the many parties you throw on a regular basis. Of course owning a huge mansion and throwing huge parties has its down side as well. The bigger the house the harder it is to keep it tidy and to clean up after a party. This is the very reason you have hired a maid who just so happens to be sexy VR porn star, Paola Mike.

What is truly great news for you is that Paola Mike loves you watching her as she cleans. On this occasion she gets your place looking like new then sits herself down and starts using her feather duster on her pussy. When you have a girl like Paola Mike you just know she can take a bigger toy which is exactly what she pulls out to use on herself. But not just in her pussy, she likes it in her ass as well. You happen to be the lucky guy who gets to sit there and watch as she builds herself up to an orgasmic climax.


Starring :- Paola Mike

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