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India Summer VR Porn

Nationality :- United States

Date of Birth :- Apr 26, 1976

Aliases :- Jody Jean Olson

Height :- 5 feet, 6 inches

Weight :- 108 lbs

Sexy India Summer has more than 1000 scenes to her name and is still one of the hottest and most desired women in porn. This sexy MILF even has several India Summer VR Porn scenes to her name which is great news for anyone wanting to experience her first hand.

Having entered the porn industry in 2005 India Summer quickly gained a huge following. In that time she has quite literally appeared in scenes which cover nearly every genre imaginable. Straight up boy on girl, girl on girl, orgies, anal, BDSM, femdom, you name it she has done.

When asked where she thinks she would be had she not entered the porn industry she said – “I would probably [be] working for Budget Rental Car because they have an excellent corporate structure and they give you the tools you need to succeed. Of course I’m being facetious. Really there’s no telling. I’d probably still be in my veal-fattening pen trying to work my way up the ladder at my last job as a financial analyst and manager. On the absurd side of things I have an BA in Elementary Education, so theoretically I could be brainwashing, poisoning and indoctrinating children into the corporate feudalism we’re ushering in to our business run society as our education standards and place in the world continue to slide.”

Thankfully this beautiful lady did enter the world of adult entertainment. The latest India Summer VR porn is certainly not an experience you want to miss.

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