Laid Off

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If you love fucking smoking hot brunette’s you will love Laid Off for a virtual reality porn experience. Laid Off is a VR porn movie from Wankz VR starring the sexy Avi Love and it gives you the chance to star alongside this super sexy pornstar and become the star of your very own porn movie.

Laid Off - Avi Love VR Porn - Avi Love Virtual Reality Porn


In this virtual reality porn movie from Wankz VR the ridiculously sexy Avi Love is an air hostess who is finally home. She has been away with work and has flown some exceptionally unfriendly skies. It turns out that the airline that she works for has overlooked the many skills she has which makes her so good at her job. The way things are going she might never make it into the cockpit.

The great news is that you are here to brighten up her day. You are the one and only person who can give her the spunk and tenacity which will keep her reaching, day after day, for her dreams. As always the sexy Avi Love manages to make the best of a very bad situation. She manages to do so by placing your big hard dick in a firm upright position. Grab your VR headset or smartphone with Google Cardboard and enjoy one of the very best VR porn movies.

Starring :- Avi Love

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