Last Chance

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If you have woken up this morning with a lust for some one on one time with smoking hot brunette you should take a look at Last Chance, a virtual reality porn movie produced by Wankz VR. In Last Chance you get to star in your very own porn movie alongside sexy VR porn star, Kamryn Jayde. Why would you want to watch boring old conventional porn when you can be part of it with virtual reality.

Last Chance - Kamryn Jayde VR Porn - Kamryn Jayde Virtual Reality Porn


In this VR porn scene you are all to aware that is is ridiculously hard to find good help these days. The great news is that you have been exceptionally lucky and managed to find a very loyal employee and servant who has been with you for many years.

It just so happens that today you are about to move on to a whole new opportunity. That unfortunately means poor Kamryn Jayde will miss your guidance and knowing you are always there for her. The good news is now that this sexy VR porn star is all grown up she will offer you a VR blowjob and her sweet pussy to you as a going away gift.


Starring :- Kamryn Jayde

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