Marital Aid(en)

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If you happen to be in the mood for a smoking hot blonde MILF you really need to check out Marital Aid(en), a virtual reality porn movie from MILF VR. Marital Aid(en) makes you the star of your very own porn movie. It gives you the chance to fuck your super sexy MILF fellow porn star who just so happens to be Aiden Ashley.

Marital Aid(en) - Aiden Ashley VR Porn - Aiden Ashley Virtual Reality Porn


In this scene poor but very sexy Aiden Ashley has a major problem. There is the mother of all storms and her roof is leaking. Usually this would be an easy issue to deal with but it turns out her lazy husband has ran off on a work trip and left without fixing the house up.

When Aiden Ashely knocks on your door for help you notice this MILF is wearing stockings and happens to be drop dead gorgeous. You feel like helping her and that decision really pays off for you when she lets you know she has another problem – she happens to be feeling exceptionally horny. It would be rude if you helped with her leaking roof but then did not help her with this second problem.


Starring :- Aiden Ashley

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