Money Talks

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You love sexy blonde babes with a perfect body, drop dead gorgeous looks, sexy legs and breasts to die for and that is the very reason why you are going to love, Money Talks. This is a high immersive virtual reality porn movie which has been produced by VR Bangers, a world leading adult film studio. Money Talks stars the beautiful blonde VR porn star, Sara Kay.

Money Talks - Sara Kay VR Porn - Sara Kay Virtual Reality Porn


This virtual reality porn movie from VR Bangers knows that none of us like to clean up. Especially when  the house you have to clean happens to be huge. The good news is that there are professional cleaners for such things as long as you can afford the very reasonable payment. In this virtual reality porn fantasy you have had your cleaner, Sara Kay, for years. You love watching her as she cleans your place, always bending over in her tight, short skirt showing off her ass and sexy legs.

You cannot help but get hard as you sit there watching her. On this occasion you cannot contain yourself and start rubbing yourself through your pants. Sara Kay notices what you are doing. Instead of getting mad it turns out she has had a crush on you for a long time and she gets turned on knowing you are watching her. She is certainly not going to waste this opportunity to fuck your brains out so you had best sit back and enjoy sex with your maid.


Starring :- Sara Kay

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