My Girlfriend: Ella Knox

Imagine if you could wake up one day and your boring life had been replaced with something much more exciting. Then imagine that in this new life you have a smoking hot VR porn star as your girlfriend. This is why Naughty America have produced My Girlfriend: Ella Knox which is a virtual reality porn experience. My Girlfriend: Ella Knox gives you the chance to experience the heavenly delights of having this sexy babe as your very own girlfriend.

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There really is so much to love about this stunningly hot virtual reality porn movie from Naughty America. Firstly, the sexy VR porn star Ellan Knox happens to be your girlfriend and, secondly, you have booked a hotel room for the two of you that has mirrors in the ceiling.

Ella Knox is so impressed with your choice of hotel rooms she has decided to slip in to a sexy outfit just for you. When Ella Knox emerges from the bath room she is wearing stockings with sexy lingerie and wastes no time wrapping her lips around your cock. Then she will climb on top of you and slide her pussy down on your cock before turning control over to you and letting you fuck her brains out until you are ready to explode all over her. There are girlfriend’s then there is the stunning Ella Knox.


Starring :- Ella Knox

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