My MILFshake is Better Than Yours

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VR Bangers presents My MILFshake is Better Than Yours. This is a highly immersive virtual reality threesome. My MILFshake is Better Than Yours is your chance to fuck Adira Allure and Julia Robbie.

My MILFshake is Better Than Yours - Adira Allure Virtual Reality Porn - Julia Robbie Virtual Reality Porn - Adira Allure VR Porn - Julia Robbie VR Porn


Go back to the future together with Virtual Reality Bangers! You most likely already know that anything is possible in our VR porn experiences – and while we won’t be able to take you back to the past in the real world (sorry, maybe in a few years we will!), we will make it possible in our latest threesome VR sex scene.

Introducing My Milfshake Is Better Than Yours – your one-of-a-kind opportunity to score not one but two super-sexy MILF VR porn stars that will be ready to do whatever it takes to go back to the future with you now after you visited them in the 1950s. They’ll quickly realize there’s something wrong about you, and you obviously don’t belong here – but can use that fact to your favor when getting both of them on their knees!

Oh, wait a minute – we didn’t even tell you who we are talking about, lol! So, as long as you’re gonna wear your VR headset today, you’ll be taken back to these weird times to meet Adira Allure and Julia Robbie. The girls will be working as waitresses in one of those old-school diners – where you’re gonna land to do your research and bring back some items from the past.

It will all begin with a little competition between these blonde VR xxx performers and each of them will try to convince you to take her with you – yet as soon as you’ll be finished banging them, we’re leaving this decision totally up to you, whether you wanna choose one of them or perhaps even take them both. At everything is possible, and we’re not gonna tell you who’ll be the best pick for you – just to make sure fuck both these hot MILFs and see for yourself!

All that is left for you to do is go and grab your virtual reality headset and immerse yourself in this specially created virtual world and enjoy this chance of a lifetime where you are about to fuck Julia Robbie and Adira Allure.

(are you aware that it is actually ridiculously easy and cheap getting started with VR porn. All you need is a smartphone combined with a cheap VR headset adapter such as a Google Cardboard costing as little as $10.)


Starring :- Adira AllureJulia Robbie

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