My Sister’s Hot Friend – Katrina Jade

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Only guys with sisters will truly understand what its like to have a crush on one of your sister’s friends. Naughty America have produced My Sister’s Hot Friend – Katrina Jade which is a virtual reality porn experience. In My Sister’s Hot Friend – Katrina Jade you get to be the star of your very own porn movie which is a VR version of a hugely popular series.

My Sister's Hot Friend - Katrina Jade VR porn - Katrina Jade Virtual Reality Porn



In this super hot virtual reality porn movie from Naughty America takes one of the studios most popular series and applies a virtual reality twist to it. That means you get to be the star of your very own porn movie. More importantly you get the chance to live out a hugely popular sexual fantasy.

This virtual reality porn scene places you at home in your parents house. You are home alone when your sisters super hot best friend shows up. It turns out your sister and her friend have got their wires crossed and her friend, Katrina Jade, has shown up far to early. Your sister will not be home for many hours so it is down to you to entertain you. The good news is Katrina Jade has the same idea as you and that idea is that fucking passes the time unlike anything else. Who are you to argue with that theory.

Starring :- Katrina Jade

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