New G.F. Part 2

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If you are going to have a smoking hot girlfriend in a virtual reality porn experience you may as well make sure she happens to be a super hot VR porn star. This is exactly what Naughty America have been thinking when they decided to produce a feature named, New G.F. Part 2. In New G.F. Part 2 from Naughty America you star alongside sexy brunette VR porn star, Ashley Adams .

New G.F. Part 2 - Ashley Adams VR Porn - Ashley Adams Virtual Reality Porn - Ashley Adams Feet


This virtual reality scene from Naughty America quite literally has it all. It turns out you once dated sexy VR porn star Ashley Adams, you get to fuck her again, and she gives you a footjob. What could you possibly not love about all of that baring in mind this is just the start of things to come.

In this VR porn fantasy you happen to be dating a new girl but when this new girl leaves your home in the morning Ashley Adams is conveniently waiting right outside your house. It turns out she is jealous and misses you and she is here to show you all of this. You may think you will do the moral thing and resist her advances but you will be wasting your time. When Ashley Adams gives you a VR footjob or a VR blowjob you know there is nothing you can do to resist what is coming.


Starring :- Ashley Adams

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