Personal Assistant With Benefits

If you want to explore your bondage side you will want to experience Personal Assistant With Benefits. This is a virtual reality porn movie that has been produced by Dark Room VR. Personal Assistant With Benefits stars Sharon White.

Personal Assistant With Benefits - Sharon White VR Porn - Sharon White Virtual Reality Porn


Sharon White has been a dutiful personal assistant to her handsome boss for a number of years. She has attended to his every need in the office and watched quietly while he struggled through a messy divorce. After waiting so long, she was hoping he might begin to notice her for more than just her organizational skills and professional acumen. When her flirting in the office gets her nowhere, she decides to go for broke when they are on a business trip together. In this VR porn scene, she is alone with him and decides to tell him how much she wants him. He shocks her by telling her that he wants her as well, but only if she is willing to do everything he tells her to do. He wants to be her boss in the bedroom as well. Sharon is excited and agrees to his terms. He has wanted for years but held back. Not any longer. Tearing at her clothes, he exposes her cheeks and spanks her while she sucks on his cock. His hands are on her breasts, but his firm grasp and raging desire for her makes Sharon feel like a real VR pornstar and ready for whatever comes next. Feeling her boss take control and manhandle her, she quivers as his big cock thrusts into her wet, inviting hole. He has been waiting so long for this moment and unleashes all of that pent up lust as he flips her over and makes her hold her heels obediently. His powerful strokes send him over the edge and she is so lost in her climax that she forgot to ask him to pull out until it was too late. Her boss shot his big load deep into her pussy. She doesn’t mind at all, not now that she is officially his personal assistant and his private fuck toy.

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Starring :- Sharon White