Redhead Fashionista

There really is so much to fall in love with when you come face to face with a smoking hot and very fiery redhead which is why you really do not want to miss this experience titled, Redhead Fashionista. This is a highly immersive virtual reality porn fantasy that has been produced by the worlds leading virtual reality porn studio, VR Bangers. Redhead Fashionista stars sexy redhead VR porn star Kiara Lord.

Redhead Fashionista - Kiara Lord VR Porn - Kiara Lord Virtual Reality Porn


This virtual reality porn fantasy from VR Bangers with the sexy redhead Kiara Lord focuses on a certain work related theme. We all have coworker that we see everyday and compete with. For you, in this fantasy that coworker happens to be Kiara Lord. You are both up for the same promotion and the boss is watching you both to see who is the most productive. You really thing you are going to win this promotion but Kiara Lord has other ideas. She will do anything to distract you even if it means using her sexy body. In no time at all she has you fucking her right there in the office and your productivity is out of the window. Still, the chance to fuck Kiara Lord over a promotion seems a fair deal to us.

So grab your virtual reality headset or smartphone (VR porn can be experience on a smartphone wen combined with a cheap VR headset adapter such as a Google Cardboard costing as little as $10) and allow yourself to be distracted.


Starring :- Kiara Lord