Sorority Sisters

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This is a virtual reality porn fantasy from VR Bangers, the studio behind the worlds most immersive VR content, which is something a little different from what they usually produce. This feature is named Sorority Sisters and rather than being filmed from a guys point of view looking at a woman this is filmed from a girls point of view with another girl. Sorority Sisters stars sexy VR porn stars, Lucy Li and Lady Dee.

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This is a truly stunning virtual reality porn fantasy from VR Bangers which is perfectly suited to any woman who would love to try a girl on girl lesbian experience. You may have a wealth of experience with girls or you may simply be curious. Either way this virtual reality porn scene could not be better suited to you. You get to lay back and allow your experienced and confident partner do all the work and take the lead.

So grab your virtual reality headset or smartphone combined with a cheap headset adapter and experience a hardcore yet sensually erotic experience as one half of this girl on girl virtual reality experience.


Starring :- Lady DeeLucy Li

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