ThanksSwinging Day

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Sometimes in life having just one of anything is simply not enough. This can actually be true when it comes to super hot MILF’s which is why MILF VR have produced ThanksSwinging Day. This is a virtual reality porn fantasy where you do not get the chance to fuck just one super sexy mature babe but two. That is correct – In ThanksSwinging Day you find yourself alone in a room with two super hot MILF VR porn stars who want to fuck your brains out. What is even better news is that the two MILF VR porn stars you are alone with happen to be Texas Patti and Britney Amber. We are sure that will give you more than enough reasons to be thankful today.

ThanksSwinging Day - Britney Amber VR Porn - Texas Patti VR Porn


In this super hot MILF virtual reality scene you find yourself on Thanksgiving with your wife who happens to be VR porn star, Britney Amber. It turns out that she has a close friend, Texas Patti, who has invited you and your sexy wife over for the day so you can spend it with her and her husband, Steve Holmes.

The interesting thing about this Thanksgiving is that Texas Patti and and Steve Holmes certainly do not have turkey on their mind. What this couple have on their mind is a good old fashioned swinging session. So get ready to swing like you have never swung before and accept that sharing really is caring.


Starring :- Texas PattiBritney Amber

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