The Handy Masturbator Review

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The Handy Masturbator Review - Interactive Male Sex Toy For Men

You are here reading The Handy Masturbator review most likely because you are looking to buy an interactive VR porn sex toy. The most obvious question you will have is whether this VR porn sex toy is any good.

The simple answer to that question is that this is a truly awesome interactive sex toy. In fact it is fair to say this is one of the best VR porn sex toys that money can buy.

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On the other hand if you want to know why this is such a fantastic sex toy you can continue reading this The Handy Masturbator review.

The Handy Masturbator Review

So describe the Handy Masturbator in detail. Simply said, it is a male automatic masturbator. Control can be delegated to your spouse or used with the buttons on the side. You may feel what you are watching by having it synchronised with your preferred adult entertainment, including both traditional 2D and virtual reality (VR) porn.

Making The Handy male masturbator an even better sex toy is that it is now compatible with FeelMe AI. For those who do not know FeelMe AI is an artificial intelligence platform that takes what it sees in adult porn movies and translates that into control for Kiiroo sex toys and The Handy. This means that now you can watch any porn movie and literally feel everything you are seeing on screen. You can check out FeelMe AI by clicking here.

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I was astonished by how modern everything looked when I first received my toy for The Handy Masturbator review. Even the box had the appearance of being from an Apple Store.

The Handy Masturbator itself resembles a cylinder of black plastic with a velcro strap at one end. A silicon sheaf is held in place by this strap and is pushed up and down by The Handy. The silicon sheaf is intended to mimic the mouth or vagina. When I first saw this, I must say, I thought it appeared a little little, even for me. It is important to note that when in use, this sheaf really extends. This is actually a somewhat clever design idea as regardless of your size this still feels like the real thing providing you use plenty lube.

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Connectivity and Control

The Handy Masturbator Review - Interactive Male Sex Toy For Men

The Handy male masturbator is really simple to use right out of the box. Numerous buttons on the side of the device give the toy total control. The toy may be turned on and off, as well as the pace and length of the strokes, using only these buttons. These buttons can also be used to access the built-in pre-programmed routines.

The real fun comes when you realise and start using the real technology on this toy. It can be connected using WiFi or Bluetooth allowing it to be connected to all kinds of smart devices. Your smartphone, an Amazon Alexa or Google Home, your virtual reality headset, even your PC or laptop.

Connecting The Handy Masturbator to your smartphone or the smartphone of a companion is the simplest method to operate it. As long as your spouse has an internet connection, they can control the toy from anywhere in the world using this method.

Things start to get a little trickier if you want to use this toy with your smart speaker. On the other hand, there are a ton of free guides online.

Virtual Reality Porn

You are probably purchasing this interactive male sex toy for the virtual reality connectivity if you are not purchasing it as a couple in a long distance relationship. I’ve tried a number of other interactive male sex devices with virtual reality porn, and the results have always astounded me.

How does The Handy Masturbator compare to products like the Kiiroo Keon, then?

It gauges it reasonably well, is the quick and simple response. It actually does an amazing job of emulating what you are seeing on a screen. Every VR pornographic film I attempted with it actually managed to increase the level of immersion.

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What I Liked About The Handy Masturbator

The Handy Masturbator Review - Interactive Male Sex Toy For Men

The size of this interactive sex toy for males is the first and most noticeable quality I appreciated about it. This simply fits in the palm of your hand in contrast to other interactive sex toys, which are typically much larger. It gives off the impression that you are carrying a basic flashlight.

It was great for virtual reality porn, too. It truly gives your VR porn experiences a completely new perspective. If you adore VR porn, it’s fair to say that you are truly losing out on something extra unique if you don’t purchase an interactive sex toy to go along with it.

I was genuinely shocked to learn that The Handy Masturbator works with any male stroker. Own a Fleshlight, do you? That can, in fact, be applied to this toy. Almost every brand of male stroker may be utilized with this toy when attached. This implies that you can easily swap the provided stoker to something better suited to your own unique needs if, like me, you are not too convinced about it.

This is one of the simplest interactive male sex toys to use is this one as well.

What I Did Not Like About The Handy Masturbator

I must say that the stroker being attached to the side of this toy just didn’t appeal to me. When you use it, the balance is disturbed. I’m at a loss as to why it was created in this manner other than a haphazard attempt by the designers to make it stand out. Perhaps the explanation for it lies in the fact that this male stroker is quite little.

It is certainly worth pointing out that the unbalanced feeling can easily be fixed. This is easily achieved by placing the flashlight handle above the penis with the stroker below.


This The Handy Masturbator review has pleasantly pleased me. Initially, I wasn’t impressed with the look of this toy, but it performs as promised and goes nicely with both traditional 2D adult films and virtual reality porn.

If I could modify anything about this toy, I would move the stroker from the side to a more central location. When used, it would seem much more balanced as a result. However, this is a wonderful option if you’re searching for a little, interactive male stroker that isn’t as bulky as most other toys.

Not only is this a great toy if you are looking for something compact what really makes it worth buying is that it can use pretty much any stroker you choose. This alone makes it well worth buying.

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The Handy Masturbator Review - Interactive Male Sex Toy For Men

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