The Handyman Can

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Imagine a world where you had the joy of fucking not one but three super hot MILF VR porn stars. Well, thanks to MILF VR, you can as they have produced The Handyman Can which is a virtual reality porn experience. The Handyman Can stars sexy MILF VR porn stars, Kennedy Kressler and Blaten Lee.

The Handyman Can - Blaten Lee, Kennedy Kressler VR Porn - Tarzan VR Porn


In this super hot virtual reality porn fantasy you have started work as a handyman. You are working in a very special X-Rated community and it turns out there is plenty of work out there to keep those skilled hands of yours busy all day long. On this particular day you happen to be performing some kick fixes for sexy Kennedy Kressler.

As you get to work minding your own business her neighbor, Blaten Lee spots you. She is somewhat impressed by what she sees and decides she wants you all to herself only she has a much better use for your skilled hands. The big question is – are you capable of handling two super hot and very sexy MILF VR porn stars at the same time. Are you really that handy?


Starring :- TarzanKennedy KresslerBlaten Lee

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