The Wanking Dead: Special Injection

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The Wanking Dead: Special Injection is a virtual reality porn movie from WankzVR starring Sofie Reyez and Kimber Veils. This VR Porn video makes you the star of your very own porn movie.

The Wanking Dead: Special Injection - Kimber Veils VR Porn - Sofie Reyez VR Porn


The Wanking Dead: Special Injection sees you, the star of this movie, alone in an end of the world scenario. While you are out on a supply run you you think little could go wrong. Sadly, this is the apocalypse and this is an unforgiven world full of twists, turns, and nasty surprises.

Before you make it back to your base you find yourself face to face with Zombie Slayers, Kimber Veils and Sofie Reyez. Like you, they know the very fate of humanity hangs in the balance and you may be the one to repopulate the human race.

This XXX VR porn experience is action packed and full of fun from start to finish. Your very own chance to fuck not one but two super sexy pornstars at the same time. At least if this is the end of the world you get to live out most people’s ultimate sexual fantasy before you die.


Starring :- Kimber VeilsSofie Reyez

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