What a Shame

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Dark Room VR presents What a Shame, a virtual reality porn experience that will darken the senses. What a Shame is your chance to fuck VR porn star Avrora Lacosta.

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As a well-known VR fashion model, Avrora Lacosta is used to seeing her photos all over the place. Usually that brings her great joy and is a source of pride. Today, however, she is not happy when some very private pictures she took for her new manager have been somehow leaked and are all over the internet. She sent them to him to help her land a prestigious part with a famous director and he put them out for all to see. Avrora is furious and rushes to confront him about the leaked photos. He tries to explain that this is part of his plan to get the part for her. Assuring her that this will work, he tells her that the expose will be fantastic and that men all around the world will be turned on and jerking off to her photos. As angry as she is, Avrora can’t help but notice his big hard cock and wonders if what he says might be true. He senses the desire in her and whips out his dick. She tastes it before bending over to expose herself to him. If what he says is true then men will want to do what he is doing to her. That thought turns her on so much that she invites him to fuck her asshole. If the world is going to see her as a slut, she might as well get fucked like one. As she takes it deep and cums all over him, she wishes he was filming so they could leak a hot backdoor VR porn sex tape. She gets so lost in the filthy fantasy that she doesn’t notice him cumming until it is too late. If they aren’t more careful, she might have another scandal on her hands soon.

All that is left for you to do is go and grab your virtual reality headset and immerse yourself in this specially created virtual world and enjoy this chance of a lifetime where you are about to fuck Avrora Lacosta.

(are you aware that it is actually ridiculously easy and cheap getting started with VR porn. All you need is a smartphone combined with a cheap VR headset adapter such as a Google Cardboard costing as little as $10.)


Starring :- Avrora Lacosta/

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